How To Use A Buffalo WHR-HP-G300N As A Repeater.

UPDATE   12/19/2012


This process is outdated. Visit the Buffalo Website and download the latest firmware release to use the WHR-HP-G300N as a repeater with out all of the complicated mess. Then check out my new post for setting up the Buffalo WHR-300HP as a wireless bridge or repeater for a full video walk through  on how to configure either the WHR-HP-G300N or the WHR-300HP as a repeater.





If you have a buffalo router with DD-WRT already installed then download this File. This is a downgrade from the currently installed DD-WRT firmware from Buffalo. Once you download the firmware, Extract it. I like to use WinRAR.

If you have the original NON DD-WRT Buffalo firmware then follow the instructions on their site for upgrading the firmware to the DD-WRT firmware and then follow the instructions above.

Perform the downgrade to the firmware I have provided through the link above. To do so…

  1. Reset your router to Defaults by going to (your routers IP… Administration –> Factory Defaults Click Yes and then Apply Settings.
  2. Once your router has been reset to default, browse to and go to Administration –> Firmware Upgrade. In the drop down menu select Reset to default settings. Click Browse and select the file that you extracted from the download. Click Upgrade.
  3. Your Router will be doing an Upgrade. If you unplug the router or power off the computer during the upgrade you will Brick your router! When it is done Close and reopen your browser (IE, Firefox…ETC.) Browse to this should be the new IP Address of your router. Create a new username and password.
  4. Go to Setup. Change the WAN Connection Type to Disabled. Also, on the same page before saving the settings, Change DHCP Type to DHCP Forwarder. Click Apply Settings.
  5. Wait a few seconds. Your router is going to reboot after each time you click Apply Settings.
  6. Go to Wireless –>Basic Settings , at the bottom of the page click Add under Virtual interfaces. Set the Wireless mode to WDS AP, and change Wireless network name (SSID) to match the wireless network you are trying to extend. Click Apply Settings.
  7. Go to Status –> Wireless and scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Site Survey. Click on Join next to the network you are extending. This will pop up a message and then return you back to the basic wireless setup screen. Change the Wireless mode of the Physical interface to Client Bridge and click on Apply Settings.
  8. Go to Wireless –> Wireless Security and put in the passkey to your existing wireless network in both the Physical and Virtual interfaces. Click Apply Settings. Verify that the passkey was accepted in both fields after the settings have been saved. If only one has security, then you need to re-enter the passkey for the one that didn’t take and Click Apply Settings again.

That should conclude setting up your router as a repeater/extender.


UPDATE 11/18/2011:

If you are extending the WIFI from another WHR-HP-G300N you can only use WEP encryption or No encryption for the connection between the router and the repeater. I haven’t run into any problems when using the WHR-HP-G300N with other routers on any encryption types.

As we all know, WEP encryption isn’t the most secure. So, if you are in the position of having to extend the WIFI from another WHR-HP-G300N, make sure that you use a different SSID for the connection between the router and repeater and disable SSID broadcast. and then add a new virtual interface to the router of the SSID you want to extend. This will help protect you from someone attacking your wireless network.

If you are having trouble then please register and leave a comment.