Pine64 Linux with LCD and Touchscreen Enabled

Armbian has released an image that gives us a working LCD and touchscreen with Linux!
I have built it and you can download it here!
Armbian IMG with LCD and Touchscreen Working

User: ubuntu

Password: ubuntu

User: root

Password: ubuntu

Use GParted to expand the partition to use your entire SD Card. You will need at lease an 8GB card. The image is 4.7GB.

This is done for you now.
Just make sure your uEnv.txt looks like this after writing the IMG to the SD card but before you remove it from your computer.

optargs=enforcing=0 cma=384M no_console_suspend

# Uncomment to enable LCD screen

For those of you that don’t know how to write this IMG to an SD card…
You will need SD Formatter and Win32 Disk Imager.
SD Formatter
Using SD formatter- Format your SD card with Option Format Size Adjustment enabled
Using win32diskimager – Write the IMG to the SD card
After the IMG hsa been written to the SD card, Open the SD card and edit the uEnv.txt to look like the section above. Insert the card in your Pine64 and power up. Make sure you are using a 5V 2A or larger power supply.